Title: Raja Ampat, West Papua on Super 8 Film
Personal Project
My work: Direction, Production, Shooting & Editing

Some very special moments from a very special trip to Raja Ampat with my family.

For this travel film I wanted to try out something different and experimented with shooting with Super 8 film.

I added a song from Tom Rosenthal that resonates a lot with me. In it he talks about how some people have lost the sense of "wander"  as they have "stoped looking out of windows". It reminds me  that modern day creators can get too focused when creating and get distracted from experiencing real authentic moments.

There is nothing wrong with putting your phone down and let your mind wander. Shooting  with Super 8 means that I had to be mindful of what I was shooting, it allowed me to be present which means that you really get those authentic moments.This was shot in the region of West Papua in Indonesia.